29th November 2023

Talk, Talk, Talk to Me! (OFSTED updates)

OFSTED Updates

Recently people started using words like 'Quality Interactions.'

When I hear a phrase like this being overused, I know the inspectors are looking for something new! This year it's communication and language within Early Years.

We know talk is low on entry but what’s the simple solution for our teams?

A child aged two years should know 50 words

A child aged three years 200 words

A child aged four 5000 words

A child aged five 10000 words!

Quality interaction means adults talking to children, and before we download 5000 words and start to speak them, I've found research that says it isn't the word count from the adult to child; it's the conversation that matters. Quality conversation. Ask your teams to up the level of conversation they are having with children.

I have written a "Talk, Talk, Talk to Me" programme which delves deeper into research, gives staff specific conversations and words to increase their conversation. It also has a whole progressive program for talk within Early Years and even shows how to gain clear evidence as well. It is online, so it’s cost-effective and my next session is 16th January from 4-6 pm. Hope to see you there and get you totally confident in Language for Communication.

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29th November 2023