Welcome to Spread the Happiness School.

Shonette Bason – our Educational Lead Expert, designed the Spread the Happiness Approach to Education of Early Years and Key Stage 1 Children, (Foundation Phase in Wales)

Shonette teaching a class

Our Mission

At the School of Spread the Happiness it is our mission to enable school staff to access cost effective CPD ‘with a cup of tea’ and to ensure that learning is fun for both adults and children.

Our Philosophy

The Spread the Happiness Approach to Education is based on neuro-scientific research which shows the importance of movement in learning to wire and fire the brain.

What Sets Us Apart

Join Us on This Journey

If you believe in an educational system that values the happiness of both adults and children as it does academic achievement, then you are in the right place.The School of Spread the Happiness is more than just an on-line school – it’s a movement. A movement towards creating a happier, brighter future for all.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.We invite you to explore our website, get to know our courses and join our community.