Wiggle Me into Squiggle

By Spread the Happiness

The first course in the Squiggle Early Writing Programme.

Wiggle me into Squiggle is everything a very young child needs to improve their early developmental movements to make them a strong writer for when they reach that stage of school. It is essential we move our very young children as much as possible, but to become an early writer the child needs to experience a specific set of developmental moves to strengthen muscles and their brain. Wiggle me into Squiggle is the pre-mark making moves needed before the child becomes a mark maker and future writer.

Wiggle me into Squiggle are the first stages in our Squiggle Early Learning Programme and prepare children for Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle later in their learning.

Key Details

  • Great for ages 2-4 years
  • Helps with literacy skills
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Course Content

Move 1 - Up

Move 2 - Down

Move 3 - Circles

Move 4 - Wiggle

Move 5 - Shake

Move 6 - Hop

Move 7 - Jump

Move 8 - Turning Turtle

Move 9 - Flipping Fish

Move 10 - Crawling

Classroom Move 1 - Up

Classroom 2 - Down

Classroom Move 3 - Circles

Classroom Move 4 - Wiggle

Classroom Move 5 - Shake

Classroom Move 6 - Hop

Classroom Move 7 - Jump

Classroom Move 8 - Turning Turtle

Classroom Move 9 - Flipping Fish

Classroom Move 10 - Crawling

Wiggle Song List Information

You can also buy the physical books for yourself or a friend if you need any refreshers or want to further support us. You can buy the books for all 3 parts of this course singly or as a pack using the link below:

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You can use anything from sponges to nothing at all to follow along to Squiggle. However we recommend our Flipper Flappers as the perfect resource for the children to hold, move and dance with.

You can buy them at our Spread The Happiness Store using the link below:

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