Superhero Behaviour Management

By Spread the Happiness

Superhero Behaviour Management.

Presented by Meic Griffiths who works with children around his London Borough that may find school difficult to manage or the school finds it difficult to manage them.

His outreach works with every primary school in the Borough, supporting children with ‘interesting’ behaviours. Ensuring that these schools can support these children within a mainstream stetting.

Nest is his exclusion provision that works with every school in the borough. Supporting them in understanding why their superhero has displayed interesting behvaiour.

The Nook is for highly complex ASD pupils who have not been able to manage a mainstream setting or DSP.

His nurture provision is the only accredited school in the UK and is the only SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) provision within the entire United Kingdom. Supporting superheros and their families with attachment issues as well as other complex behavioural needs. They provide intense support for some of the most vunerable and interesting superheros.

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Superhero Behaviour Management

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