Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

By Spread the Happiness

Squiggle 2.0 uses neurological and physiological movements to create marks. The ‘how to Squiggle’ is beautiful in its fun and simplicity.

Squiggle can be done whole class, in smaller groups or even as a writing intervention. This is the updated version of Shonette’s original Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle.

Module 1 contains Lessons for Teachers and Teaching Staff.

These modules are delivered as video tutoring, they contain the information and science behind the Squiggle learning concept.

Shonette will talk you through how to Squiggle, why to Squiggle.

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Course Content

Squiggle Teacher Lesson 1

Squiggle Teacher Lesson 2

Squiggle Teacher Lesson 3

Squiggle Teacher Lesson 4

Squiggle Teacher Lesson 5

Squiggle Lesson 6 - Example Drawing Squiggle Shapes

Squiggle Dance 1

Squiggle Dance 2

Squiggle Dance 3

Squiggle Dance 4

Squiggle Dance 5

Squiggle Dance 6

Squiggle Dance 7

Squiggle Dance 8

Squiggle Dance 9

You can also buy the physical books for yourself or a friend if you need any refreshers or want to further support us. You can buy the books for all 3 parts of this course singly or as a pack using the link below.

Squiggle books click here

You can use anything from sponges to nothing at all to follow along to Squiggle. However we recommend our Flipper Flappers as the perfect resource for the children to hold, move and dance with.

You can buy them at our Spread The Happiness Store using the link below:

Flipper Flappers click here