2nd December 2022

I Will Not Start Christmas Yet!

When do we start Christmas? My team asked after Halloween! Everyone loves a celebration but if it is started too soon in school, I think the children are affected. You lose the will to continue through the half term and someone always cries on party day!

I have 5 tips for a stress-free December in Early Years:

  1. Keep your routine structured till the end
  2. Make sure you add in extra time outdoors
  3. Teach some easy breathing techniques (staff and children)
  4. Make it fun
  5. Drink hot chocolate as much as possible (with cream and sprinkles)
  6. Keep your routine structured till the end, why? Because children feel safe in the routine and less anxious. Just sprinkle your planning with Christmas activities. I use a book of the week and we do that right through to the final day of Autumn term. It truly lessens the madness. Check out @spread_the_happiness_ Instagram for all our ideas. 
  7. Make sure you add in extra time outdoors, this way the children will be less energetic and fidgety during shows. Also, if you feel the rise of indoor energy and excitement then take them for a run. Play a parachute game outdoors or take all the bells and shakers you have and go sing carols loud outside (guaranteed to make everyone smile).
  8. Teach some easy breathing techniques to staff and children because knowing how to calm yourself when you feel over excited or hyperactive is self-regulation. We use a Mel Robbins mantra, and we breathe in then out four times, place our hand on our heart then repeat ‘I am ok, I am loved, and I feel safe.’ This really calms everyone down.
  9. Make it fun. So much to do and so little time, shows, cards, a sale item for the fair, makes you feel stressed. I always remind my staff that not every child will have the amazing Christmas that we are looking forward to, so everyone needs to be aware of that and make Christmas fun.
    Here is a Count up to Christmas for you to make the days count:
    Click to download the Count up to Christmas here
  10. Drink hot chocolate as much as possible because it is delicious and fun to have a hot chocolate station. On a chilly day you could wheel a trolley out for adults at home time to Spread the seasonal Happiness.
Shonette Bason

Shonette Bason

2nd December 2022